GCRM-BELFAST aims to provide a high quality service in a purpose built, state of the art clinic. We aspire to provide individualised care, based on validated scientific evidence, whilst ensuring that every patient feels they have received the highest level of care and support throughout. We strive to optimise Assisted Conception Treatment through our Quality Management System which is used to maintain and improve our service by remaining flexible and innovative, whilst upholding high clinical & ethical standards.

GCRM-BELFAST operates a comprehensive quality assurance system. The quality management system provides the structure and processes to ensure that the care we provid is of a consistently high standard. There are weekly internal audits to ensure that the service is constantly evaluated and any areas for improvement are identified. Regular inspections from the HFEA (Human Fertility and Embryology Authority www.hfea.gov.uk) and RQIA (Regulatory and Quality Improvement Authority www.rqia.org.uk) ensure that there is regulatory compliance.

GCRM-BELFAST actively encourages feedback from its patients and use this information as an indicator of our performance.

To provide feedback about your experience at GCRM-BELFAST (positive or negative) or indeed suggestions of how to improve our service please e-mail info@gcrmbelfast.co.uk