The experience of infertility is unique and deeply personal and can arouse powerful feelings - anger, sadness, envy, guilt, worthlessness. The feelings of not being able to have a child in an ‘ordinary’ way, or the fear of it not happening at all, can make individuals feel that their whole future and sense of purpose is being threatened. Relationships which are normally loving and secure can feel strained, often because each partner is dealing with the situation differently. Although this is very normal, it can lead to further feelings of isolation.

Often, those experiencing infertility will protect loved ones from the kinds of feelings which are aroused, leading to a greater sense of loneliness and distance. Sometimes loss of fertility or treatment itself can cause feelings about past events to re-emerge.

Counselling can help to look at why this might be happening and to find ways to prevent them becoming overwhelming.

It is also important for us to acknowledge how stressful fertility treatment itself can be and for these reasons, the counselling service is available to all patients before, during and after treatment. Up to three sessions of counselling are included free of charge for IVF, ICSI and FET patients.

For patients who are considering donating eggs or sperm, or having treatment with donor eggs or sperm, it is important that all the implications of this treatment have been explored for both the couple and the potential child. Anyone considering this treatment will be encouraged to meet with the counsellor.