Patient journey

Fertility treatment may seem like a daunting process. We have simplified the treatment plan and explained the patient journey in more detail below.

Fertility Assessment Clinic

At the Fertility Assessment Clinic we perform an Ovarian Assessment (AMH) and Semen Analysis (this is explained further under Investigations). Knowing these results allows us to explain things better at your Initial Consultation.

Initial Consultation

This is with one of our Consultants and is usually within 2 weeks of the fertility assessment. During the consultation you can expect that the doctor will:

  • Ask you about your fertility history. If you have any results or notes from previous treatments you should bring these with you.
  • Review your fertility assessment results.
  • Recommend the best course of action for your circumstances and explain why specific treatment options have been recommended.
  • Provide you and your GP with a letter, detailing what further steps and treatment options might be required. It is not compulsory that we communicate with your GP so please advise if you would prefer us not to.
  • We advise all patients considering treatment to visit for further information on the risks of multiple pregnancy


Patients may make use of our counselling service.

Consent Appointment

The consent appointment is with a GCRM-BELFAST nurse specialist and takes about an hour. At this appointment, the nurse will explain all the consent forms that you are required to sign. She will also explain in detail the treatment protocol you will be following and what this will mean for timing your treatment. At this appiontment you will also be given detailed final costings for treatment.

Starting Treatment

As we individualise treatment there are many ‘different’ start points but for most protocols we ask that you call us on ‘Day 1’ of the next period to begin treatment thereafter.

Alternative Option

If you feel your situation may not comply with the usual patient journey, you require further information or you simply wish to make an appointment then please don’t hesitate to call us on 028 9078 1335 and we will happily discuss your requirements.