Pregnancy Ultrasound Scanning


Ultrasound has become a routine part of the care of pregnant women enabling Obstetricians and pregnant women insight into the development and appearance of the unborn baby. From screening for Down syndrome and examining the baby for normal development, through to sexing the baby, estimating the baby's size and providing 3D and 4D images, modern ultrasound equipment and technical expertise enables women to avail themselves of a full pregnancy ultrasound service. To download our latest Ultrasound Pregnancy Scanning & Screening information leaflet click here

The Service

Dr John Manderson, an experienced Fetal Medicine Consultant runs the pregnancy scanning service at GCRM-Belfast. A number of scan types are offered, including packages that provide additional ultrasound support throughout your pregnancy. Dr Manderson will discuss any problems identified during the scans with your base hospital. If you are unsure of what type of scan would suit you best or for any other general enquiries please contact GCRM-Belfast 028 9078 1335.

We offer the following range of scans;

Early pregnancy Scan    8 – 14 weeks    ​£200

This scan looks in detail at the early pregnancy. This scan assesses the viability of the pregnancy and allows dating of the pregnancy. It will also detect multiple pregnancies. This scan is of value to any woman who seeks early reassurance that all is developing normally.

NUCHAL TRANSLUCENCY SCAN​    11 – 14 weeks​​    £250

This scan is performed to assess the risk of your baby having Down’s syndrome or other chromosomal abnormalities. This is taken into account by measuring the nuchal thickness (at the baby’s neck) and the presence of the fetal nasal bone in conjunction with the maternal age.


This scan can be performed at any stage of pregnancy. The purpose of the scan is to give you re-assurance that everything is progressing normally from the early pregnancy stage to a measurement of fetal growth and an assessment of the fetal environment later in pregnancy.

DETAILED / ANOMALY SCAN​    18 – 24 Weeks​​    £250

The purpose of this scan is to check the structural development of the baby.

The majority of pregnancies will show normal structures but in some cases abnormal development can be detected.

CERVICAL LENGTH SCAN    16 – 28 Weeks    ​​£160

The purpose of this scan is to assess the length of the cervix and to pick up preterm labour risk. Those with previous cervical treatments, a past history of preterm labour (before 37 weeks) and multiple pregnancies are at greatest risk. For those with a very short cervix a cervical suture may be indicated.

SERIAL GROWTH SCANS (3 Scans)​    28 / 32 / 36 weeks    ​​£450 (£500 for twins)

3 growth scans are offered during the latter third of your pregnancy at 28, 32 and 36 weeks.

These scans will chart the growth of your baby compared to the general population and serially compared to its 28 week measurement. The serial scans are designed to increase the pick-up of babies that are significantly small for their gestational age and for those that show static growth in late pregnancy that can occur as the result of poor placental function.


These packages are designed to provide you with additional ultrasound support throughout your pregnancy. You can avail of either a 3 scan or 5 scan package.

5 Scan Package (including 4D)    ​£900 (£1000 for twins)

This package will include

Early pregnancy / Nuchal assessment scan​​    11 – 14 weeks
Detailed anomaly scan / including 4D​ and cervical length assessment   20 – 26
Serial growth scans    ​​​​28 ​​​​​/ 32 / ​​​​​​36

3 Scan Package (including 4D)    £450 (£500 for twins)

 This package will include

Early pregnancy / Nuchal assessment scan​​    11 – 14 weeks
Detailed anomaly scan / including 4D and cervical length assessment    20 – 26
Growth scan    ​​​​35

Making an appointment

It is not necessary to be referred for an ultrasound scan, you can book your scan directly with GCRM-Belfast by calling us on 028 9078 1335.