Access Fertility Multi Cycle Plan

The Access Fertility IVF Multi-Cycle Plan offers up to 2 IVF cycles for a significantly discounted fixed fee.  GCRM-Belfast are the only clinic in Northern Ireland to offer a multi-cycle plan for those patients not eligible for our refund plans. Patients can pre-pay for up to 2 attempts with IVF or ICSI and ease the stress of deciding how to proceed if your first cycle is not successful and still make a significant saving of upto 35% on your treatment costs.


The IVF Multi-Cycle Plan includes:

  • Up to two cycles of IVF or ICSI, and transfer of all embryos (including frozen embryos in subsequent cycles) at savings of up to 35% compared to paying for individual cycles.
  • “EmbryoGlue” – a special culture solution that helps the embryo adhere to the uterus after transfer
  • Embryo culture up to day 5 & Blastocyst transfer
  • Embryo Freezing and one year’s storage


What it excludes:

  • The fertility drugs required for IVF treatment. It is worth noting that our drug costs are the lowest in Northern Ireland, furthermore, patients from the ROI can access the “high tech script” scheme for their drugs at a cost of only €150 for all medication.
  • Donor sperm
  • Donor eggs
  • Surgical sperm retrieval



The IVF Multi-Cycle Plan is open to ALL GCRM-Belfast patients, regardless of diagnosis, who are aged 42 and under and using their own eggs in their treatment. There is no medical acceptance criteria.


The Benefits of IVF Multi-Cycle Plan:

  •     Fixed costs for treatment: Peace of mind that you have more than one IVF attempt paid for in advance
  •     Discounted treatment compared to paying for the same single treatments
  •     Wide eligibility criteria – all patients aged 42 and under using their own eggs will be accepted
  •     No medical review needed

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