Advanced Male Fertility Service

GCRM Belfast is delighted to announce the launch of a new Advanced Male Infertility Service, in conjunction with Consultant Urologist/Andrologist Mr Kevin McEleny. He is a nationally recognized expert in the management of male infertility, and working with him will be local consultant Urologist Mr John Mcknight. 

Semen quality is significantly reduced in almost half of couples with infertility problems, but fortunately, most cases can be managed using the ICSI technique, a form of IVF where  sperm is injected directly into the egg. However, men with no sperm in the ejaculate (Azospermia), pose the additional problem of how to retrieve sperm for treatment purposes.

In those where the absence of sperm is due to a blockage in the genital tract, sperm can usually be recovered surgically (PESA/MESA technique). This is a simple out-patient procedure carried out under general or local anaesthetic.

In other men, there is an inherent problem in the actual process of sperm production, and in these cases, the chances of being able to retrieve sperm surgically, by any standard procedure, is much less predictable.

The use of the MicroTese procedure for these cases, increases significantly the chance of being able to retrieve sperm. In this surgical technique, a microscope is used to identify those isolated small areas of the testis where sperm are being produced. Research from the USA has shown that MicroTESE can recover sperm in 50% of men where no sperm were found using a conventional biopsy technique.   This has allowed many men the opportunity to become biological parents when previously, treatment using donor sperm, was the only option available.

Increasingly, couples attending Fertility specialists are asking about the availability of this technique, which is provided in only a few centres in England.

GCRM-Belfast is proud, therefore, to be the first clinic in Northern Ireland to offer MicroTese, along with a full range of other advanced male fertility treatments. 

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Mr Kevin McEleny (click here for details)

Mr John McKnight (click here for details)