Donor Programme

Egg Donors / Sharers

We aim to have an active programme of altruistic egg donation. In addition, patients undergoing IVF may choose to donate some of their eggs (Egg Sharers). Altruistic egg donors receive expenses of £750 for undergoing the process and egg sharers receive subsidised treatment. For further information, please click HERE.

Women who wish to share their eggs must undergo screening to ensure that the process of sharing will not be detrimental to their own treatment and to comply with tissue bank regulations. GCRM-BELFAST expect that women who share their eggs will have a high rate of success for themselves which is not diminished (see success rates).

Egg Recipients

At GCRM-BELFAST we aim to have an ‘Egg Bank’ and an ‘Egg Sharing’ scheme available to those that require donated eggs.

You must have a consultation at GCRM-BELFAST in order to be placed on the waiting list. Once you reach the top of the list you will be able to choose a donor that best suits your physical characteristics. In general, egg recipient programmes have excellent success rates irrespective of the recipient’s age (see success rates).

Sperm Recipients

Donor sperm is available through the GCRM-BELFAST Sperm Bank, it can also be imported from reputable sperm banks (details can be provided by GCRM-BELFAST) or provided by a ‘Known Donor’. Sperm donors will have been screened for infectious diseases and some genetic disorders and their samples will have been quarantined for the period designated by the HFEA.

Sperm Donors

GCRM-BELFAST will have an active Sperm Donation programme with altruistic donors being compensated (£35 for each clinic visit). For further information, please click HERE.