Access Fertility IVF Refund Plans

Not all IVF refund schemes are the same! For the first time in Northern Ireland & the ROI, patients will be able to receive a 100% money-back guarantee as we have increased our Refund Programme from 70% for those who do not have a baby. The Access Fertility IVF Refund Plan is the only pre-paid plan to offer IVF patients a full 100% money-back guarantee if treatment fails. In addition the scheme also offers substantial savings on treatment costs compared to paying for treatment individually.

In a first for Northern Ireland & the ROI GCRM-Belfast & Access Fertility are now offering ALL women under the age of 40 access to our Refund Programmes. 

Under our new schemes, patients have three different refund tiers to choose from – 100%, 70% or 50% - dependent on patient age.

For patients aged 37 and under, all refund tiers are open, offering a choice of 100%, 70% or 50% refund of the fee back if you do not have a baby at the end of treatment.

With our new extended plans patients aged 38-39 can now sign up for our Refund Plan under the 50% refund option.

Download our new patient information leaflet here

Who are Access Fertility?

Access Fertility are the UK’s sole provider of discounted, fixed-cost pre-paid treatment plans which offer significant benefits to patients, whilst still remaining completely impartial in the clinics management of your care. All the money paid for an Access Fertility plan goes direct to Access Fertility – these plans are devised and run by exclusively by Access Fertility and are completely independent of GCRM-Belfast. As the providing clinic, the only money we receive is for the actual treatment you have with us under your chosen plan putting people before profits by passing on the potential savings direct to the patient.

What’s included:
The IVF Refund Plan includes, for all three refund tiers: 
• Up to three cycles of IVF or ICSI, and transfer of all embryos (including frozen embryos in subsequent cycles) at savings of up to 40% compared to paying for individual cycles.
• “EmbryoGlue” – a special culture solution that helps the embryo adhere to the uterus after transfer
• Embryo culture up to day 5 & Blastocyst transfer
• Embryo Freezing and one year’s storage

What it excludes:
The fertility drugs required for IVF treatment. It is worth noting that our drug costs are the lowest in Northern Ireland, furthermore, patients from the ROI can access the “high tech script” scheme for their drugs at a cost of only €150 for all medication. 
Donor sperm
Donor eggs
Surgical sperm retrieval
Eligibility for the IVF Refund Plan is subject to a medical review by Access Fertility. The consultants at GCRM-Belfast will prepare the necessary information and send it to Access Fertility for you, there are no additional tests needed.
Plan prices and refunds

IVF/ICSI Refund Plan: 100% women aged 37 and under only

Age IVF Refund ICSI Refund
<35 £8,800 £8,800 £10,500 £10,500
35-37 £9,500 £9,500 £11,400 £11,400

IVF/ICSI Refund Plan: 70% women aged 37 and under only

Age IVF Refund ICSI Refund
<35 £8,200 £5,740 £9,800 £6,860
35-37 £8,700 £6,090 £10,300 £7,210

IVF/ICSI Refund Plan: 50% all women aged under 40

Age IVF Refund ICSI Refund
<35 £7,700 £3,850 £9,250 £4625
35-37 £8,050 £4,025 £9,600 £4,800
38-39 £8,300 £4,150 £9,950 £4,975

Benefits of our IVF Refund Plans
• A choice of refund amount – 50%, 70% or 100%
• Up to three IVF/ICSI cycles paid for in advance at a fixed discounted cost, saving around a third compared to paying for individual cycles
• No worry about funding further cycles if treatment is initially unsuccessful
• No worry about total financial loss if unsuccessful
• Refund Plan open to all patients aged under 40
• Acceptance on the scheme is fully independent of GCRM-Belfast in line with our ethos of people before profits
• The option to withdraw from the scheme at any stage and still receive the refund. Other schemes may not offer this option should you no longer wish to continue tretament or care be below your expectations

Listen to Caroline and Carl's story who had successful treatment through the scheme in 2015.


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