IVF-Spain Alicante Egg Donor Programme

GCRM-BELFAST has established a link with IVF-Spain in Alicante, Spain which is a large, highly successful fertility clinic with a very active egg donation programme.

Although GCRM-BELFAST plans to have its own successful egg donation programme we expect that demand for donated eggs will exceed local supply leading to extensive waiting times for treatment. As more and more couples seek treatment abroad we decided to set up a formal collaboration with IVF-Spain to assist couples who had chosen to undergo treatment abroad. This enables patients to have the preparatory appointments, required tests, counselling and support provided locally with GCRM-BELFAST, meaning there is only a need to travel to Alicante for the actual insemination and embryo transfer procedure.

GCRM-BELFAST is happy to endorse IVF-Spain, as their practices are well defined, their doctors and staff are highly skilled and have pioneered a number of current practices. Furthermore their donors are fully and stringently screened as per current UK legislation. The main difference between Spanish and UK donors is that in Spain all donors are anonymous whereas in the UK the donors are identifiable. In other words in the UK it is possible for any child (at the age of 18) to be able to trace their biological parent. In Spain this is not possible.


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IVF-Spain Patient Journey

GCRM-BELFAST staff will provide initial information on the process. Any patients looking to proceed will then attend GCRM-BELFAST for an Initial Consultation. All preliminary pre-treatment testing is performed. Following this an appointment will be made to review, discuss and sign all the IVF-Spain consents and paperwork. These documents are then sent to IVF-Spain for review by a consultant who then sends a request to the egg donation department for a characteristic match. IVF-Spain contacts the patient and asks when they wish to travel to Alicante. Once this has been confirmed, a treatment protocol is devised for the patient. A GCRM-BELFAST nurse will phone to discuss the protocol with the patient and make all necessary arrangements for the delivery of drugs and scan/blood test appointments.

GCRM-BELFAST will co-ordinate your treatment with IVF-Spain but as IVF-Spain is in charge of your treatment, all actual treatment decisions will be made by them.

Further information and details about the treatment packages available with IVF-Spain can be found by clicking here, or alternatively please contact GCRM-BELFAST on 028 9078 1335 or email info@GCRM-BELFAST.com, and we will be happy to help.